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Dirty Monsters

Dirty Monsters

This version of Dirty Monsters is signed by Katie Rae only! 


Sex, drugs, alcohol….
I used anything it took to make the pain go away.
Was I an addict?
But more than anything, I was lost…

One stupid mistake landed me in rehab.
Some place that’s supposed to make you learn how to cope and handle things better.

Instead, I found myself craving a fix, but getting high in rehab wasn’t easy.
Until I found a dark, tall, and sexy nurse who could take away all the pain.
I could get high on him alone.

How was I supposed to know the secrets he held?
That he was the last person I should use for my next rush?

Didn’t matter.
His darkness called to me like a beacon in the night and I was hooked.
Once I realized how forbidden he was, I only wanted him more.

Even if there was a chance we may destroy each other in the process.
I was willing to risk it.

Contains triggers, strong language, violence, self-harm, sexual and mental abuse. Reader discretion is advised

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