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The GAMES Series

Sports Standalone Series

The Games We Play (Games book 1)

It had been two years since I ran away from my abusive relationship, opting for hiding and mostly keeping to myself.

I had one friend in my life and when she got sick, I was thrust back into society to help her keep her job.

I hated every second of it. I was scared. 

Then two star athletes came into my life and despite my penchant for wanting to be alone, I found myself drawn to them. I wanted to be in their circle and near them, playing their games and letting my guard down a little. 

They made me feel safe again. 

Which was dangerous, because eventually, my past found us all.

Possible Triggers: Physical abuse, guns, blackmail, attempted sexual assault, kidnapping

The Lies We Tell (Games book 2)

"Welcome to the dark side, cupcake." 

When your brother is the best quarterback in the NFL, people treat you one of two ways: they use you to get close to him, or they hand you whatever you want…. to get close to him.

There is no in-between.

So when I finally got a chance to prove myself as an athletic trainer to my hometown’s baseball team, I jumped at the chance. I packed up and headed to spring training.

No one had to know who my brother was.
No one needed to know my last name.
No one would ask, and I wouldn’t tell. I would keep to myself, work hard, and kick ass.

If only it was that easy.

One little white lie turned into two.
Then three.
Then four.

And damnit I couldn’t even keep the lies straight anymore.

Things got even more complicated when Chase Turner pulled me into his web of lies. I was just trying to make it through spring training without my head exploding.

Who knew I would find peace in the biggest lie of all—my feelings for Chase?

Possible triggers: Lies about ability to get pregnant, unprotected sex

The Love We Make (Games book 3)

"I let her know with just a kiss, that no matter who else she gave an at-bat to, I would always be her best home run." 

Ethan was my best friend.
Ace pitcher for the Atlanta Kings.
My confidant.
My protector.
The man I loved most in the world—as a brother of course.

He was supposed to be supportive and helpful and caring.
But he was actually crazy.
And never more so than after I told him my plan to lose my virginity.

In the blink of an eye, Ethan went from brotherly love to overprotective daddy. And now I was the one going crazy. He had to back off before he risked our friendship.

So we made a deal.
A deal to end all deals.
With timelines, conditions, and even an exit strategy.

It would save the trust and love we made as friends. It would help us get back to being us.
Or so I thought.

Possible Triggers: Mention of death of a child, unprotected sex

The Way We Dance (Games book 4)

Opposites Attract: 

I was the daughter of a world renowned prima ballerina.
Everything about me exuded prim and proper.
At least that was the part of me everyone saw.

Tyson Black was a struggling football player.
Big and scary looking.
Tattoos and muscles everywhere.
Kind of annoying.

He was also my newest ballet student.

Neither one of us were thrilled about it,
And it only took us one lesson to learn we didn’t see eye to eye.

But after a series of break-ins in Atlanta, including one in my studio,
I was on edge and my stoic demeanor started slipping.
Everything seemed to be spiraling.

Somehow, I managed to push through my fears and teach my classes.
It helped that Ty and I had found a rhythm we could agree on.

Eventually, I was able to see that we had a lot more in common than just the way we danced.
And while that should have been what brought us together, it was actually what threatened to keep us apart.

Possible Triggers: Guns, family trouble, physical abuse, breaking and entering

The Way We Fight

I was a fighter.

On the field and in the ring. 

I threw punches every chance I got to relieve the stress I carried as the NFL’s youngest head coach. 

The only relief I’d found outside of fighting was a night I spent with a beautiful woman that I never saw again. 

That is, until I started arguing with the league’s new referee—a woman trying to make history in a “man’s world.” 

The same woman I still thought about every single night. 

Only now I couldn’t have her. 

She was a conflict of interest, forbidden, and in a way, she had become my enemy. 

But there was still an undeniable pull between us that we had to try resisting. 

Could we? 

One thing was certain, with the entire world watching, we were both in for the fight of our lives.

Possible Triggers: Physical fighting

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Men of the Military Series

Complete Standalones



Nothing is guaranteed.
Nothing is a given.

We can only plan for things that we know and understand.
Fate takes care of the rest.

After years of being an Army Ranger, military life was all I knew and understood.
I planned on being a Ranger for as long as I could be, climbing the ranks and being a hero to my country.

Nothing else mattered.

Then fate came along and I fell in love.
She became the one thing that mattered more to me than army life, which meant the plans were no longer mine to make.

They were ours.

Unfortunately, we waited too long to make those plans and tragedy struck.
My guaranteed happily ever after was gone.

Leaving me broken.
A liability to my team.

I was grasping on to memories in a never-ending loop of pain.

Now, my command was forcing me to make a decision on my career— alone.
And just like before, I was having a hard time letting go of army life.

Only this time, my decisions weren't based on love.
They were based on revenge.

So while fate was trying, once again, to pierce me with her love arrows, I was busy planning the only thing I knew was a given in my life.


Possible Triggers: Warfare, PTSD, kidnapping, sexual assault, physical abuse


Air Force

A wave of adrenaline crashed through me as the Raptor landed and taxied down the runway where I stood waiting.

I was on assignment to handle PR for the Air Force's Raptor demonstration team, and my fascination with the powerful aircraft made this my ultimate dream job. 

But as the pilot popped his cockpit canopy and climbed out of the jet, my adrenaline quickly turned to shock, leaving me speechless and a little crazed.

Ian Thomas was striding from the jet, directly toward me, with a perfectly cocky smirk plastered on his face. 
The last time I saw him was twelve years ago, in high school. He was the quiet nerdy boy and I was the popular cheerleading queen that never gave him the time of day. 

That lanky nerd was now replaced by the confident pilot in front of me. 

Seeing him in his flight suit and the way his jaw flexed as he slid his aviators over his eyes, I knew I was in trouble. 

And I was about to cause a whole lot of trouble in return.

Possible triggers: sexual abuse, mentions of past bullying



One RECON mission changed everything. 

I was no longer the same person I was before that mission. 

And now that I was back home, I never intended on showing my face again. Instead, I chose to stay hidden. 




I might as well have been dead. 

But then Maren Corley found me. 

She made me feel alive, even when I pushed her away. 

Maren reminded me of who I used to be. 

Who I could have been. 

In another life, maybe we could have been something special. 

There were just too many obstacles for us in this one, though. 

My trauma.

My damage. 

My secrets. 

Not to mention the relationship I had with her sister. 

Possible triggers: PTSD, thoughts of suicide, flashbacks of war, descriptions of violence, sexual assault



They were complete opposites in every way.
Their hatred for one another ran hot through their veins.

With one chance encounter, I became the only thing keeping them from destroying one another.
And the reason for their temporary truce.

We spent our days trying to uncover the mysteries on board the USS Dewitt.
While our nights were spent pushing the boundaries of more than just each other’s bodies. 

Our secret affair was forbidden and completely inescapable. 
Becoming more scandalous than the investigation we were conducting. 

I was supposed to find the villain causing havoc on the ship. 
But instead, I was the one going rogue.

*Rogue is a steamy military MMF romance with suspense and mystery. TW include mild violence.

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Pretty Boy

Boys of Summer Series Novella

I’m a sand rat.
I have an ankle monitor on and sleep under the pier at the beach.
Mom threw me out so she could chase her next sugar daddy.
Which is fine.
I would rather live on the streets than be anything like my mother.
Preston Calloway is the exact opposite of me.
Clean cut, well dressed, and destined to be someone great.
He is the kind of pretty boy my mom would love to see me using for money.
So I try to avoid him.
But we end up spending more time together than planned.
And opposites attract. 
That is, until he figures out the secret I have been keeping.

Love Bites

Man of the Month Novella

Spending time in the mountains is the last thing this city girl wants.
I’m smart, well-educated, and have a job most would kill for.
But I do not belong in the mountains, especially alone.
How dare my boss send me out there to work for a month.
If he wasn’t also my best friend, I would have quit.
However, I sucked it up and locked the doors, praying the sexy, maybe-ax murderer, that lived in the cabin next door, would spare me.
I was determined to keep my distance until I heard him having sex.
Curiosity got the best of me, and I made my way through the woods to watch.
That was when everything got worse–the mosquitos swarmed, I panicked, and he caught me looking.
Embarrassment caused me to do some crazy things.
And he was there to witness it all.
I wished he would have just killed me.
Instead, we just got closer, making me rethink my stance that love totally bites.

Another One Bites the Dust

Man of the Month 2023

Gabe and Audrey are BACK!

It should have been the happiest time in Audrey's life
With the man she loved by her side

But from the moment they landed in Candy Cane Key,
Nothing seemed to go as planned. 

"Please don't tell me there are mosquitos on the beach, Gabe!" 

Audrey is navigating a whole new terrain
And when things get too much for her to handle
She's left wondering if its all worth it. 

Dirty Monsters

CoWrite with Zoey Drake

Sex, drugs, alcohol….
I used anything it took to make the pain go away.
Was I an addict?
But more than anything, I was lost…

One stupid mistake landed me in rehab.
Some place that’s supposed to make you learn how to cope and handle things better.

Instead, I found myself craving a fix, but getting high in rehab wasn’t easy.
Until I found a dark, tall, and sexy nurse who could take away all the pain.
I could get high on him alone.

How was I supposed to know the secrets he held?
That he was the last person I should use for my next rush?

Didn’t matter.
His darkness called to me like a beacon in the night and I was hooked.
Once I realized how forbidden he was, I only wanted him more.

Even if there was a chance we may destroy each other in the process.
I was willing to risk it.

Contains triggers, strong language, violence, self-harm, sexual and mental abuse. Reader discretion is advised

Manny Christmas

A Games Christmas Novella

Life had kicked my ass and threw me around a little bit.

It made me jaded.


A grade-A asshole.

And losing my job as the starting catcher for the Atlanta Kings was the icing on the cake.

Now I was stuck in Miami all winter playing baseball with a bunch of misfits not even Santa could save. I wasn’t where I wanted to be. But I didn’t know where I wanted to go.

Leave it to the magic of Christmas to help me put things into perspective and show me the way. Not to mention giving me the gift of her.

It is just a shame it can’t be all holly and jolly. Or merry and bright.

My world is dark and cold.

My morals are non-existent.

So there won’t be a Merry Christmas for me.

Just a very…. Manny Christmas.

Possible Triggers: Cheating (not MCs), domestic abuse, alcohol abuse

Now & Then

A Silverbell Shore Novel

Walker looks at me like I mean something to him.
Like he wants to devour my body and claim my heart.
But back then…
He treated me like a little sister, with just enough attention to make me think he loved me more than he should have.
Every time we drew closer, he would run away.
And my fourteen year old heart couldn’t take the rollercoaster of emotions.
Then, overnight, he disappeared completely.
Taking any dreams of our future with him.
It may have been nine years later.
And I may want him more than I ever have.
But I’m not sure I can risk my heart,
For what we could have now.
When I still haven’t recovered,
From what happened back then.

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