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Pretty Boy

Deleted Scene

With the limited word count, some scenes had to be deleted. So I wanted to make sure you got your hands on one. 

For reference, this would have fallen into Chapter 12, when Preston returns from work with Jolie's bag. ENJOY!


“Stay?” Preston asked against my shoulder as he kissed his way down my arm. 

“Stay?” I repeated, unsure of the context he was referring to. I was barely awake. It seemed I had a lot of catching up on sleep to do now that I was in a soft bed. 

“Your mom is being a bitch, you have no place else to go, and we seem to be getting along great.” He slid his hand up my leg and brushed the inner part of my thigh up to my pussy. 

When he got back from work, he slid back into bed with me and let me know my bag was safe and sound. I didn’t rush to get to it, I was too comfortable, and waking up to him kissing me and touching me made me want to stay forever. 

“I can probably stay for one more night.” I smiled at his smile, so relieved to have one more night together. But how long could we keep this up? One night at a time was all I was willing to give. 

“I’ll take one more night,” he murmured against my neck, kissing me in between thoughts. “Or two or three or…..”

“You may hate me in two nights,” I joked. 


He moved to my lips and kissed me hard, sneaking his tongue along the seam of my mouth, begging me to open for him. 

And I did. 

I had to. 

He was too powerful over me for someone I had just met. It normally took me way longer than a few days to trust someone. Yet, here was Mr. Rich College Pretty Boy swooping in and making me moan just by touching his lips to mine. 

This was dangerous. 

I had already had enough heartache in my life. Should I risk more with Preston? 

“I still can’t believe you watched me in the shower, Pretty Girl.”

I smiled against his lips and my body shook with my silent chuckle. I was both embarrassed and happy with how that turned out. I don’t know why I admitted that I had seen him. He would have never known if I hadn’t opened my big mouth. 

I blurted it out though. Some part of me needed him to know—a confession. I was already feeling bad enough about lying about my mom and Kenneth. Plus, it was that visual that spurred me on in the ocean, in the car, on the car, and in the bed all of last night. 

“I want to watch it again.” I slid my hands down between us and pulled on his hard cock. 

“Watch it.” He bit my lip, but smiled back. “You’re going to make quick work of me. Plus, you already saw me again. Last night as you laid on my car.”

“I want more.” 

He threw the blanket back and pulled his naked body over the top of mine. Leaning up, he straddled my thighs and smiled down at me. 

“Put your arms above your head, baby.” 

I did as he asked and waited to see what he was going to do. I felt vulnerable as he stared down at me, completely laid out before him, and trapped under the weight and strength of his body. 

He took his left hand and thumbed my clit a few times, just enough to cause me to start wiggling beneath him. With his legs on either side of me, I couldn’t open for him, or even move. I was at the mercy of whatever he wanted to give me. 

After he tortured me for a few minutes, he took his right hand and started pumping his cock. He raised one eyebrow and smirked at me, proud of himself for giving me what I wanted. 

Just like in the shower, and just like on his car, watching him pleasure himself was enough to make me come without even being touched. The way his jaw got slack and his eyes worked to stay open. The way the head of his cock disappeared when he stroked up and the way his abs flexed as he got himself closer and closer. 

I started to pull my arms down and he didn’t stop me. I wanted to put a show on for him, I wanted us to come together, to please ourselves for each other. 

I took a minute to squeeze both of my tits together, thumbing my nipples and moaning my pleasure for him. His returning moan told me I was doing the right thing, that he was enjoying the show. 

Guiding my right hand down between us, I slid two fingers in-between my slit, tightly closed since he held my legs together. But that didn't stop me from finding my clit and pressing down, finding enough pressure to make me buck underneath him. 

“Keep rubbing.” He moaned, as his strokes got more aggressive. “Keep rubbing that pussy.” 

Not being able to open my legs, not being able to feel how wet I was, was agony. But maybe that was what this was, some kind of punishment for watching him. Or maybe he just enjoyed the pained expressions on my face. 

Every few strokes, he would smile at me devilishly, like he knew that I was dying a little. I snuck one finger as deep as I could go and pulled just enough moisture to show him how wet I was watching him. 

“This is what it looked like while I watched you.” I taunted him a little. “So wet inside your boxers, thinking I was leaving a wet spot on the couch.” 

“Oh fuck.” He roared at the image and the reminder. 

Then before I could watch him come, he was gone, flying off of me so fast I was scared I had done something wrong. 

“What—?” But I stopped when I saw him grabbing a condom and sheathing himself. Then he was back on me, shoving himself inside of me and pressing his lips to me all in one motion. 

“I can’t give you what you want again, Jolie, I’m sorry.”

Mumbling incoherently, I shook my head against the pillow, unable to understand what he meant. 

“I needed to be inside of you, Pretty Girl.”

Fuck, I didn't care. 

I was relieved. 

Relieved that my legs were open for him and that I could feel him. He rubbed against my clit as he moved himself on top of me and both sensations had sparks bursting in my eyes. 

“Come with me.” Preston begged, unable to hold himself back anymore. 

The strain in his voice was my last straw and it broke as I came, yelling his name and holding my tits to ground me as I rode out my orgasm. 

When he was done, he pulled out of me and disposed of the condom before returning and pulling me in close to him. 

“Never.” He laughed. 

I didn’t get what he meant, again. I was still in my orgasm induced la-la land and looked up at him awkwardly. Didn’t he realize my brain was mush? 

“I could never hate you.” He reiterated, reminding me of our talk earlier. 

“Well I’ll hang around until you change your mind.” I laughed. 

I would be a fool to pass up night and day sex with Preston. His comfy bed and company were a plus as well. Eventually, he would come to terms with who I was—a lowlife, a sand rat, and the complete opposite of anyone he should be with. 


After showers and lunch, I prepared myself for a topic that I wasn’t sure Jolie would like. I wanted to take her out, I wanted to show her off and take her places so we could have fun together. 

But that would mean she would need something to wear and according to her, stepping foot in her mother's house was not happening. 

“Hey.” I started, hoping I sounded easy. “We should go out tonight, have dinner.”

“Seriously Preston? We aren’t a couple. You want to go on a date?” 

“Yes, a date!” I clapped my hands, showing her that I was excited about a date with her. 

“I don’t even have anything to wear. Very little make up with me. Thanks to having my bag back, I have a swim suit and a few hair ties.” 

“Ok, then how about we go shopping, then go have dinner.”

“No! No way, Crazy Boy.” She stood from the couch and rounded the coffee table to look at me. Her hands were on her hips, her head was cocked, but she had the hint of a smile playing on her lips. 

That was the window I was going to try opening. That small smirk that showed me a part of her was amused by my efforts.

“Come on. This isn’t for you, it's for me. If we don't hang out, I’m going to have to go hang out with Molly and her friends and fuuuuck that sounds like a terrible time. I want to have fun this summer, I want to have it with you. So please let me get some things for you, for me. Please don’t make me find new friends again.”

My hands were closed in prayer and a smile was trying to creep onto my face. Jolie was smiling more and more and shaking her head. 

“You’d bail on me for Molly, just to have a friend?” 

“Yes…no…yes…What would make you say yes?”

“You’re ridiculous.” She threw her hands in the air and looked back down at me. “Fine! Can’t have you fraternizing with the enemy.”

A laugh bellowed from deep inside and I stood up to face her. “Can’t have that.” 

We got dressed and made our way to a few shops, places I had never shopped before but Jolie had informed me had great deals. Shit, I didn’t care. Whatever made her more comfortable. 

I didn’t even care what she picked out, all she needed was options. She asked a few times if I wanted her to get a dress or wanted her to get something fancy, but all I wanted her to do was be comfortable and have fun. 

Jolie wasn't much of a shopper so we were out of the store in an hour, barely denting my wallet. She was right though, the deals were fantastic and she had plenty to wear until her mom let her back in the house. 

As we walked to my car, I stopped and pulled her into a kiss. One so deep we both dropped the bags we were carrying so that we could hold on to one another. 

“What was that for?” Jolie asked when I finally pulled away. 

“Just—.” I shrugged.

“So what now?”

As I picked up the bags to finish our walk to the car, I started listing off everything I wanted to do that summer—climb the lighthouse, dinner at Barton for a seafood bubble bath, take dad’s smaller boat to all the islands around Miami.

An hour later, we got back to the guesthouse and started getting dressed for what I hoped was dinner. A part of me wanted to show Jolie off and show her the night of her life. 

But as we shared a shower, and I slid between her legs again, we were once again lost to each other in a way that made dinner sound like the Chinese Iron Maiden. 

So for that night, we skipped and feasted on each other. 

I guess it didn’t matter what we did all summer. With her, it was going to be the best summer of my life. 

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