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Nothing is guaranteed.
Nothing is a given.

We can only plan for things that we know and understand.
Fate takes care of the rest.

After years of being an Army Ranger, military life was all I knew and understood.
I planned on being a Ranger for as long as I could be, climbing the ranks and being a hero to my country.

Nothing else mattered.

Then fate came along and I fell in love.
She became the one thing that mattered more to me than army life, which meant the plans were no longer mine to make.

They were ours.

Unfortunately, we waited too long to make those plans and tragedy struck.
My guaranteed happily ever after was gone.

Leaving me broken.
A liability to my team.

I was grasping on to memories in a never-ending loop of pain.

Now, my command was forcing me to make a decision on my career— alone.
And just like before, I was having a hard time letting go of army life.

Only this time, my decisions weren't based on love.
They were based on revenge.

So while fate was trying, once again, to pierce me with her love arrows, I was busy planning the only thing I knew was a given in my life.


This book has been adapted from its original version to suit a young adult/clean audience.

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