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Miami Inferno Series

Miami Inferno Series: Work

Reckless Goals

May 19, 2023

Nothing is more reckless than falling in love…..


Despite being in my mid thirties and one of the world’s best soccer players, I had never reached my main goals in life—to be a husband and a father.

But after being left heartbroken and alone on the night I planned to propose to my girlfriend, I realized how reckless that goal was.

Love, in general, was reckless….

In order to keep from self-destructing, I’m forced to train with college soccer star, Ashlynn Keller. She was young and naive, too caught up in her own life goals to focus on her game.

We were on very different paths in life, but we found common ground on the playing field. It may have been wrong, but sparks started flying between us. And when we finally gave in to each other, we realized that being a little reckless was exactly what we needed.

That is, until my ex showed up….

*Dual first person POV.

Scoreless Nights_final_ebook.jpg

Scoreless Nights

July 28, 2023

"I knew I wouldn’t be strong enough to resist her anymore."

Our parents wanted us to spend quality time together, but I’m not sure this is what they meant….

As the goalie of the Miami Inferno FC, it was my job to keep everyone scoreless.
So how did I end up being the one that couldn’t score?

The answer: Lily Harris. My step sister, and apparently my new roommate. My dad thought I could keep an eye on her and protect her while she was in Miami.

But Lily and I weren’t exactly one big happy family.
There was a reason I had barely spoken to her since the day our parents got married—a secret I would never tell.

Admittedly, having her there wasn’t so bad, though. 

Not once we worked out a few issues.
She even agreed to help me out and be my fake date to a dinner.

But that night changed everything.

My scoreless nights were over. 

I just had to hope our parents didn’t find out.
Because I would definitely be grounded for life if they knew the things I was teaching my innocent and overprotected little step sister.

Tropes and details: Dual POV, faced paced, step siblings, forced proximity, slow burn, fake date, soccer star, v FMC, HEA

Twisted Assist_placeholder.png

Twisted Assist

September 2023

blurb coming soon

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