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Men of the Military

Katie Rae's passion project, each book being a complete standalone and following a different branch of the US military. 



It was supposed to be a simple training mission. 
Time to let me think about my future as an Army Ranger.

Then I found her.
Lost in the woods and broken.

Maybe I should have called for help.
But I chose to keep her with me instead.

Becoming her personal hero.

Trigger Warning: Ranger involves violent and SA flashback scenes, some heavy emotions, and a twist you may not see coming.

Air Force

Ian Thomas was striding from the jet, directly toward me, with a perfectly cocky smirk plastered on his face. 
The last time I saw him was twelve years ago, in high school. He was the quiet, nerdy boy, and I was the popular cheerleading queen that never gave him the time of day. 



In another life, maybe we could have been something special.

There were just too many obstacles for us in this one, though.

My trauma.

My damage.

My secrets.

Not to mention the relationship I had with her sister.

Trigger Warnings include: PTSD and the effects of PTSD. 


Our secret affair was forbidden and completely inescapable. 
Becoming more scandalous than the investigation we were conducting. 

I was supposed to find the villain causing havoc on the ship. 
But instead, I was the one going rogue. MMF romance. 

Trigger warning: mild violence.

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