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Other Books

Cowrites, standalones, shared worlds, and novellas


Cowrite with Zoey Drake

His darkness called to me like a beacon in the night and I was hooked.
Once I realized how forbidden he was, I only wanted him more.
Even if there was a chance we may destroy each other in the process.
I was willing to risk it.

Contains triggers, strong language, violence, self-harm, sexual and mental abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

A Silverbell Shore Novel

I’m not sure I can risk my heart,
For what we could have now.
When I still haven’t recovered,
From what happened back then.


Man of the Month Sycamore Mountain

Embarrassment caused me to do some crazy things.
And he was there to witness it all.
I wished he would have just killed me.
Instead, we just got closer, making me rethink my stance that love totally bites.

Man of the Month Candy Cane Key

Gabe and Audrey are BACK!
It should have been the happiest time in Audrey's life
With the man she loved by her side
But from the moment they landed in Candy Cane Key,
Nothing seemed to go as planned. 
"Please don't tell me there are mosquitos on the beach, Gabe!" 

Pretty Boy_WIX.png

The Boys of Summer 

Preston Calloway is the exact opposite of me.

Clean cut, well dressed, and destined to be someone great.

He is the kind of pretty boy my mom would love to see me using for money.

So I try to avoid him.

But we end up spending more time together than planned.

And opposites attract. 

That is, until he figures out the secret I have been keeping.

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