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The Games We Play

The Games We Play

Signed Paperback of The Games We Play. 


SIZE 5.25 X 8 


Chapter headings 


"I care about you both."
"You don't have to choose, baby."


I tried to keep to myself.

Wanting to stay hidden from my ex.

But staying hidden was hard once I met two megastar athletes.

Especially when they lied to me about who they really were.

I didn’t follow sports.

How was I supposed to know they gave me wrong names?

Their name game didn’t stop me from falling for them, though.

In fact, their little games made me forget I even had a reason to hide.

We found ourselves navigating a new and exciting relationship that none of us saw coming.

One that I feared was bound to go up in flames.

And things got even more complicated when my ex showed up on my doorstep.

*This is not a love triangle, this is an MFM. There are laughs, heart, and steam (remember they are new to these feelings) within these pages. But FYI, there is also assault, attempted sexual abuse, and kidnapping. #allthefeels #TW

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