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The Love We Make

The Love We Make

Signed Paperback of The Love We Make. 


  • SIZE 5.25 X 8 
  • Glossy
  • Chapter headings 


"I let her know with just a kiss, that no matter who else she gave an at-bat to, I would always be her best home run." 

Ethan was my best friend.
Ace pitcher for the Atlanta Kings.
My confidant.
My protector.
The man I loved most in the world—as a brother of course.

He was supposed to be supportive and helpful and caring.
But he was actually crazy.
And never more so than after I told him my plan to lose my virginity.

In the blink of an eye, Ethan went from brotherly love to overprotective daddy. And now I was the one going crazy. He had to back off before he risked our friendship.

So we made a deal.
A deal to end all deals.
With timelines, conditions, and even an exit strategy.

It would save the trust and love we made as friends. It would help us get back to being us.
Or so I thought.

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