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The Love We Make

The Love We Make

Signed Paperback of The Love We Make


SIZE 5.25 X 8 


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“I will always be her best home run.”


Ethan and Madison have been best friends since they were kids, practically brother and sister. 


Until one drunken night when Madison tells Ethan about her plans to lose her virginity. Ethan goes from brotherly love to overprotective daddy. Never letting her out of his sight and driving her crazy. 


At her wit’s end, Madison confronts Ethan and suggests that he take her virginity. All he’d have to do is just “poke” her a little. 


But when Ethan agrees, he is determined to make it an experience Madison deserves. One she will never forget. 


“I will make love to you, but I will not poke you.”


Together, they create terms and conditions, hoping that rules will help them find their way back to being just friends once all is said and done. One of which is spending a month apart in hopes of regaining clarity and perspective. 


Erasing any blurred lines they may have crossed.


It seems simple enough, but Ethan and Madison’s weekend together unlocks feelings they didn’t know they had—a need for one another that didn’t go away with distance or time. 


Now, they have to navigate the delicate balance between friendship and desire. 


Will they be able to return to their best friend status? Or will they realize that the love they’ve always had for one another is the “right kind” of love? 


Get ready to swoon as these two best friends discover what love really means in this super spicy, fun, and endearing sports romance book.


Written in dual, 1st person POV, with a HEA. 


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