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The Way We Dance

The Way We Dance

Signed Paperback of The Way We Dance


SIZE 5.25 X 8 


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One dances with grace. The other dances in the endzone. 


Giselle was the daughter of a world-renowned prima ballerina, struggling to live up to her mother’s legacy. When she decides to leave the stage behind, she lands in Atlanta, content to teach ballet lessons to the next generation. 


What she didn’t expect was to wind up teaching the NFL’s biggest bad boy how to plié .


Tyson Black was from the other side of the tracks, using football to get himself off the streets and out of trouble. But as the new season approaches, his game is lacking, sparking his coach to send him to the one place he’d never be caught dead: Ballet lessons. 


Despite neither of them wanting to be there, Giselle and Ty begin working together in hopes of finding mutual ground in their arrangement. Their time together wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t complete opposites in every way. 


Giselle is graceful, poised, and uptight. 

Ty is wild, obnoxious, and a bit of a brute. 


They clash with every step, using their quick wit and banter to drive each other crazy. It takes time, but eventually, they develop a rhythm, mutually calling a truce as they discover that they have more in common than just the way they dance. 


But that commonality was dangerous, and when someone gets hurt, it could lead to their ultimate demise. 


Can they overcome the hurdles? Or will they have to learn to dance alone?


The Way We Dance is a funny, witty, and smart look into what happens when opposites attract on the dance floor. A touch of suspense and a twist will keep you guessing.


Written in dual, 1st person POV, with an HEA. 


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