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The Way We Fight

The Way We Fight

Signed Paperback of The Way We Fight. 


SIZE 5.25 X 8 


Chapter headings 


I was a fighter.
On the field and in the ring. 
I threw punches every chance I got to relieve the stress I carried as the NFL’s youngest head coach. 
The only relief I’d found outside of fighting was a night I spent with a beautiful woman that I never saw again. 
That is, until I started arguing with the league’s new referee—a woman trying to make history in a “man’s world.” 
The same woman I still thought about every single night. 
Only now I couldn’t have her. 
She was a conflict of interest, forbidden, and in a way, she had become my enemy. 
But there was still an undeniable pull between us that we had to try resisting. 
Could we? 
One thing was certain, with the entire world watching, we were both in for the fight of our lives.

*Check author website for possible tw's…(there are no major ones.)

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