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The Way We Fight

The Way We Fight

Signed Paperback of The Way We Fight


SIZE 5.25 X 8 


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“They can’t handle the way we fight.”


As one of the first women to referee in the NFL, Charleigh has a lot of pressure on her shoulders and a lot of eyes watching her every move. 


But no one is watching Charleigh harder than the head coach of Atlanta’s football team. 


Levi Peyton has made a name for himself, becoming the youngest coach in the NFL to win a Super Bowl. His achievements didn’t come without a price, though, and the last thing Levi needs is a rookie referee standing in front of him on the sideline. 


Especially a woman the league wants him to coddle to save their precious image. 


Despite the warnings, Levi plans to treat her the way he would any other referee: With a fight. If she blows a call, he plans to let her have it.


But there’s a history between Charleigh and Levi that neither of them can erase, much less forget. It’s a feeling they have to fight for the sake of their jobs. 


Of course, that’d be easier to do if the fight stayed on the field. But it carries over to the locker room, the gym, and even to the middle of a boxing ring. 


Their feelings get complicated, and with the twists and turns going on around them, it’s getting harder to deny that what they have is no longer a fight. It’s real. 


And the only way for it to work is for one of them to throw in the towel. 


In this steamy sports romance, Charleigh and Levi learn that some things are worth fighting for. With humor, spice, and banter, this book will have you in all your feels.


Written in dual, 1st person POV, with an HEA.


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