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Twisted Assist

Twisted Assist

Signed Paperback of Twisted Assist


SIZE 5.25 X 8 


Chapter headings 


"We're all so twisted that we can't see the good anymore."


Why did I agree to help an old teammate that I barely even trusted?
I wish I could tell you, but I was drunk and don’t remember.

Regardless, I kept my word and stood in for Hunter on a date with his ex.
But unbeknownst to us all, she was a girl I already knew.

Already wanted. 

So I couldn’t help that sparks flew and things went too far.

I didn’t regret it either. 

Tatum was the first girl that ever made me feel like I belonged in Miami.
Like I could have more than the lonely existence I thought I was destined for.

But Hunter wanted her back and revenge on me. Even going as far as targeting my soccer career.
Turning what was supposed to be a friendly assist into a twisted war.

And putting Tatum in the middle, forcing her to declare a winner.
Leaving me to decide how low I was willing go to get what I wanted.

TROPES: sports romance, voyeur, love triangle, teammates's ex, twisty, dual POV
TW: blackmail, off-page SA

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